TÜV Approved Carbon Fibre

TÜV Approved Carbon Fibre

TÜV Approved Carbon Fibre

Carbonwurks Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Is Now TÜV Approved!

Carbonwurks TUV Approved Carbon Fibre

Setting The Standards For The Rest

Here at Carbonwurks

TUV approval is one of the hardest automotive accreditations to achieve. Without TUV approval and certification, aftermarket carbon fibre products (such as the ones we produce) are not legally allowed to be installed in certain countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other EU countries, no matter how good the quality. Failure to present a valid TUV certificate for an aftermarket component on a vehicle can result in severe penalties and impounding of the vehicle in question.

Carbonwurks has always strived to produce and offer the highest quality carbon fibre products available and in doing so, we have now received the official sign off with our carbon fibre parts that we meet TUV approval! Achieving a TUV certification means our company products have attained the requirements of safety, quality, and sustainability. A long-winded procedure which involves many steps and processes to achieve accreditation.

The process required our carbon fibre parts to be presented to a TUV test centre for a lengthy variety of tests. These tests check predominantly for pedestrian safety along with fitment and overall quality standards. Along with this testing process we had to supply carbon fibre parts to check for strength and deformation with torsion testing which meant destroying perfectly good carbon fibre in the name of testing and achieving this approval.

Obtaining a TUV means that when ordering from Carbonwurks, you can request this certificate. Generally, this is only required for certain European countries to keep your vehicle road legal when installing aftermarket parts such as ours.

Certification and accreditation doesn’t just start at being TUV approved. Back in 2022 we also became “Made in Britain” accredited, further proving our ability to manufacture here in the UK and the levels of quality we ensure in production. We have dedicated our practice to ensure excellence in fitment, finish, and safety.

It’s worth noting that although we are TUV approved, not all our products carry certification. As it stands, all our BMW G series carbon fibre carry approval and a selection of F series products. This is noted on the product listing within our webstore.

As part of expanding out our global reach we have dedicated distribution in certain countries. We are happy to supply our products with a TUV directly to the end user, alternatively to obtain a TUV along with our products you can purchase from A&M Autotech & Motorsport who will be able to supply and fit Carbonwurks products from their Swiss headquarters.

For any questions relating to our products or approvals, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

TÜV Approved Products

Our Current Range Of Products With Approval

Below is our range of TUV Approved carbon fibre products for the BMW M3 (G80 / G81) and BMW M4 (G82 / G83) products but it also includes our range of carbon fibre products for the BMW M2 G87 and BMX X5 G05.

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