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Carbon Fibre has been around for many years, but the benefits are still not being widely used by many car manufacturers due to its high costs and longer production timescales.

Carbon Fibre has the potential to be as strong, and many times lighter than any metal alloy in existence. All the while creating an exotic and
cosmetically beautiful part.


At CarbonWurks we create Carbon Fibre automotive parts that are a grade higher than anyone else and at an affordable price. There are many variations and methods of Carbon Fibre production, ranging in quality and results; we use only the highest quality Carbon Fibre producing the strongest, lightest and visually perfect parts available on the market!


Here at Carbonwurks we design, develop and produce full Prepreg Carbon Fibre parts for mainly the automotive world. However this is not the only thing we offer. Some parts that are not under stress or load don’t necessarily need to be made out of full Prepreg Carbon Fibre, and for this reason we also offer a lamination/skinning service to turn original parts into Carbon Fibre as well as composite parts and full carbon vacuum infused components.

Since 2011 we have grown a considerable amount and we not only produce carbon fibre parts but offer performance tuning parts, bodyshop facilities, engine remapping, vinyl wrapping as well as garage services. We can accommodate pretty much any cosmetic or performance requirements that you can think of.


McLaren 600LT Carbon Fibre Repair

Here at Carbonwurks we are no strangers to high-end cars and repair work on carbon fibre. Normally in any given week we will be repairing carbon fibre on Aston Martin’s, Bentley’s, Ferrari’s or for rare and exotic manufactures but this McLaren 600LT ranks up there for one of the most special! The customer came to […]

BMW M3 G80 & M4 G82 G83 Quicksilver M Performance Style Exhaust

Carbonwurks has been working with Quicksilver Exhausts for a solid 5+ years now and our relationship has gone from strengths to strengths. Pretty much every one of our development cars has featured one of their systems and there is a good reason why, they are the masters of making some of the finest exhaust systems […]

Donnington Park – Vehicle Testing

As you may or may not know, here at Carbonwurks we are a bit track orientated and inspired! When we are not producing or repairing carbon parts, we are either talking about race cars or going out on track in race cars! One area of Carbonwurks is the track and race background. We originally were […]