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Who are Carbonwurks?


Carbonwurks has been operational since 2011, originally founded as an automotive carbon fibre parts supplier. We have grown considerably since then to the point where we design and produce our own range of carbon fibre components along with offering carbon fibre repair and workshop services. Although our passion is carbon fibre, we also love creating some truly unique and special car builds which showcase our in-house engineering and installation capabilities.

We pride ourselves on offering the latest and best quality components available either produced by ourselves or from a select number of partner brands we work with. At Carbonwurks we have a relatively small, but extremely skilled and knowledgeable team. Whether you need anything carbon fibre related or mechanical upgrades to your vehicle, we have you covered.

We're Approved & Accredited!


One of the things that we’re most proud of is that back in 2022 we became “Made In Britain” Approved for the parts we produce and sell along with our carbon fibre repair and skinning services.

This means that we are one of the only automotive carbon fibre manufacturers in the UK with this accreditation that sets us apart from the rest of other part sellers out there.

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Carbonwurks Is TUV Approved!

Carbonwurks Now Has TUV Type Approval On All G-Series Carbon Fibre Products. Full TUV Certification Available!

Are Yellow DRL’s Legal In The UK?

Are Yellow Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) Legal In The UK For Your Car? We Dive Into The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 To Find the Answer!

Carbonwurks Is The NEW UK Dealer For FI Exhaust

FI Exhausts are a name that is synonymous with super exotic cars. If you’ve heard & seen a screaming Lamborghini or Ferrari

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