Repairing Carbon

We don’t often post up about the background less exciting work we do however, this time around we thought it might be a nice little read.

Although we don’t repair a massive amount of carbon it’s something we can offer. Depending on how bad the damage is it sometimes is more expensive to repair than to buy a new replacement part, it also depends on application whether it’s also safe to do so. A Jaguar diffuser came our way recently that is nearly £1,400 to buy new and due to the relatively minor damage it made sense to repair. This repair however was done to the customers budget and being a cosmetic part rather than structural, we opted for a simple wet lay method rather than a vacuum bagging technique.

The diffuser had a fight with a tree stump and unfortunately lost the battle. Part of the lower diffuser had broken along with being deformed. The side bolt positions also had fratured along with the top venturi sections having stress fractures too. This diffuser had also previously been repaired which needed some further refinement.

The first steps were to strip the old cracked resin and lacquer back down to the carbon, probably one of the hardest parts to get right. Go too hard and the carbon comes away, too little and you will always see the cracked and cloudy resin underneath the repair. Once the area has been taken back it’s time to rebuild. The reverse of the diffuser is re-build with a carbon matting and resin mix which is cost effective and yet will give the diffuser a lot more strength.

With the reverse of the part being built up and properly shaped the cosmetic side can start to come together with new twill carbon being laid over. This involves a wetting coat of resin which needs several applications over days with curing time in-between. The side bolt positions are also reinforced at this point with metal spacers being installed and bonded in place before carbon being laid.

With more coats of resin, trimming and flatting in between the carbon starts to form properly. The final part of the repair is completely stripping the old lacquer down, making sure the surface is flat and uniform, the holes at this point are reformed to the original OEM measurements. It’s now time for lacquer.

Once the part has been lacquered the part is then further refined with wet sanding and a course of polishing to bring a super high gloss and smooth finish. Weeks of work involved but bringing an old battered carbon back from the brink is definitely worth it!

Have a look below for the repair process photo gallery.



Carbonwurks Becomes Official Arma Speed Stockist

At Carbonwurks we are always working on expanding our products range, our ethos is “Only offer the best available. If not available, then produce the best”. Carbonwurks now are stocking all of Arma Speed parts which range from their beautifully engineered full carbon intake kits to their carbon body accessories and brake systems.

For 1 week only and to celebrate our partnership we are offering discounted prices on their parts. After the 1 week is up, we will be selling their parts for normal retail.

Make use of this 1 time offer and get in touch at with details of your car and we will let you know what price we can do. We ship anywhere in the world.

A small selection of intakes available are:

Audi A1, A3/S3/RS3, S4, RS4, S5, RS5, S6, RS6, TT, R8

BMW M2, M3/4, M5, 135i, 235i, 335i

Mercedes A/CLA250, A/CLA45, C63, C63S, AMG GTS,


Porsche 991/997, Macan, Panamera

Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Lamborshini, Lexus, Mazda, Mini, Subaru, Toyota

Check out the full list of parts available directly at –


How CarbonWurks brings a taste of the racetrack to your road car

The custom carbon fibre parts developed and supplied by CarbonWurks are all about making your car look better – but increasingly bodywork is about performance too.

CarbonWurks director Daniel McKenzie, a championship-winning racing driver, says the Formula One season opener in Melbourne showed how aerodynamic design for race track and road are converging.

New F1 regulations have seen the teams try different approaches to finding the performance sweet spot, with Ferrari’s race-winning car being a particularly good example.

He said: “What Ferrari are doing echoes what’s on their road car and shows how it’s getting to the point where what’s happening on the road cars is intertwining.

“This approach is needed more and more as road car design maxes out – the aero is needed to keep them safe to drive, and you’re seeing not just the styles of GT racers and LMP but even Formula One.

“With road cars so mechanically advanced, the active aerodynamics of F1 cars are the next frontier. That’s the only way you can make these road cars faster now – they need aerodynamics to stay on the road.

“What we do at CarbonWurks is make parts that are cosmetic, but inspired by race performance. They are aesthetically pleasing but some parts we’re developing do have aerodynamic properties to help the car they’re going on. We’re trying to build parts that don’t just look good but also give you more grip and downforce.

“For example, few road cars have downforce and some actually have lift. They would be helped by front spoilers with aero features to produce more downforce at the front. Similarly, a rear diffuser helps with air flow and holds the rear steadier through high speed corners – it’s a similar principle to F1 and GT cars where you can affect the handling of a car through diffusers.”

Sometimes these parts are custom-designed by CarbonWurks, while others are adaptations of existing products: “We take parts that are made for a large market and mass production, and we improve the design – tweak it to improve the concept and make them lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic. We improve what’s already there, and if there isn’t something already there then we make it.”

An example is CarbonWurks’ new front spoiler and canard for the Mercedes A45: “It’s more aggressive, with aerodynamic advantages. It gives downforce and helps put more of the wind around the car. This makes the front feel more positive and reduces lift, which the car would otherwise still produce.”

A45 Carbon Diffuser

A year on – 2016

It’s been nearly a year since the last blog post and thought that a new post really should be put up on the website!

So what has happened over the last year with Carbonwurks?

Well, it’s hard to put into words how much has been going on. From designing and developing a complete carbon package for the Mercedes A45 to covering almost every part on the BMW M3 and M4. We’ve moved into new premises, taken on new staff, developed our new carbon fibre sunglasses range and more than anything, we’ve made friends with some great customers and communities.

The Carbon package on the A45 and A class is starting to come to a close. There are new parts still being designed and produced for the latest facelift A45 which will be available late 2016, however we have covered almost every single part for the A class now. We are particularly proud of the quality being produce on our latest parts which is using Formula 1 technology and implementing that into road car carbon fibre parts.

A45 Carbon Diffuser

Alongside the carbon for the A45 we worked closely with a long standing partner – Nitron Suspension – for a full race ready but still road going coil-over suspension kit. This took a handful of months to develop with testing being carried out to really dial in the best settings. The outcome is a car that really could take it to supercars on a country road or race circuit.

Mercedes A45 Nitron Suspension

The A class and CLA platform we have developed massively over the last year and however it is coming to a close, there are still many new exciting products being worked on.

The BMW side of things has hotted up a lot, particularly over the last 6-9 months. We now offer a complete M performance package without badge taxing people. We stand by quality but also offering parts at sensible pricing. The M4 exterior package was completed earlier this year and recently the M3 has followed with the rear boot spoiler now being available. We are very happy with the progress of our parts for these cars and are always striving to improve further where we can.

M4 Carbon Rear Spoiler05

As the company has expanded with it’s product range we’ve had to move into bigger premises as well as having a larger off site storage facility. New additional staff has also been taken on with the same extremely high standard of workmanship being kept.

A new range of Arch Guards has also been designed and developed with this range of parts continuing to expand to various models and makes of cars. Alongside the other main platforms, we’ve been working on some smaller items for various models of cars that includes mirrors, bezel surrounds, head unit surrounds and tail gate trims.

This year we have also developed our own range of sunglasses which incorporates full carbon frames and temples along with polarised lenses. Another line of products we are proud of and would love to get more involved in the lifestyle range.


So in short, we’ve been pretty busy! There is still a little over 2 months until the end of 2016 and we intent on making the most of it.

All the best,

Daniel McKenzie

New Website launched

Well, it’s been some time since the last holding page was made for CarbonWurks but it’s great to say (and post) that the new website is launched!


With the amount of parts being developed and worked on for various cars, it seemed an obvious choice to get online and develop a fully interactive website that allows you to easily and clearly look through the various products we have for sale, and follow that all the way to the checkout. At the moment PayPal or direct bank transfers are the only methods for payment but there are plans to include full card payments over the next year.


Thanks to those who have supported CarbonWurks over the years and we will work on continually bringing the same, supreme quality Carbon parts to a wider range of cars.

Carbon For Mercedes A class

After a few years of CarbonWurks designing and developing parts for the older MK2 Audi TT, it was time to start developing Carbon for other cars. Starting off with the new Mercedes W176 A class.

While the new website was being developed, no time was being wasted in getting together a complete carbon package for the A class. As much as the A Class is a great evolution in the Mercedes line-up it does still lack a few vital additions to set it apart from the rest of the crowd, and that’s Carbon Fibre! Read more