Retrofit of The BMW G8X M-Performance Wing To M4 F82

When the BMW M3 (G80) and M4 (G82) was released into the wild, one of the biggest features to grab the attention of the crowd was the impressive collection of Carbon Fibre M-Performance parts, in particular the Flow-Through Rear Wing / Spoiler.

Having developed our own version of this part we’ve been steadily increasing the amount being shipped out and also installing down here at our HQ.

With this in mind, we thought it might be something quite special to retrofit this spoiler on to the older generation BMW M3 (F80) and BMW M4 (F82) as per the factory spec using the proper genuine mounting system rather than bonding!

We floated this to one of our very good customers, Rob who has had a lot of work done to his BMW M4 F82 who we knew would be rather keen for this upgrade, and he was!

Rob drove down and we set to work. As well as filming some of the work, we thought it’s a perfect time to do a quick write up on the process!

Before any vehicle hits the workshop we will always do a quick walk-round to note down any damage, marks, dings or dents and to make the owner aware.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle we will sometimes give the vehicle a quick maintenance wash to ensure we’re working on a clean vehicle to give us a good working area and to prevent any loose dirty from marking or getting in the way.

With the vehicle in the workshop, we’ll lift it into the area and wrap the big surface areas in our special blue wrap again to prevent any potential marking or rubbing on the bigger panels.

On this M4 F82 we start off with needing to remove the existing carbon fibre boot lip spoiler. This is done using a mixture of subtle heat and a high tensile line (Think cheese wire for cars) to help us cut through the older glue or double sided tape.

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 1

Once the old spoiler is off the boot lip we remove the existing adhesive with a Tar & Glue remover that breaks down the sticky! With this gone we’ll quickly polish the boot lid with a machine polisher and a specialist compound to make it look as good as possible!

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 2

As we’re fitting this wing with the Genuine Fitting kit from BMW for the G82 we take the drill template and make it work up against the F82 Fibre Glass Boot and then take what feels like 100s of different measurements to ensure we know where the brackets will end up!

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 3

When we’re happy with the fitment, the painful task of drilling and cutting the boot comes, not just for the mounting holes but also for the retaining brackets that clamp against the tailgate. As these metal brackets are designed for the G8X platform they have to be re-manufactured to fit as well as cutting and drilling the interior of the boot so they can be secured behind the scenes. This is a pretty important step (With no instructions) to ensure that the spoiler is secure and won’t just fly off at the merest hint of any speed.

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 4


BMW F8X Spoiler Install 5


BMW F8X Spoiler Install 7With all the appropriate cutting done, we then need to get our trusty rivnut tool out to attach some fixings for the bracket to secure into the tailgate itself.

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 8

With the brackets bolted in place it’s time to secure the wing in it’s final resting place which is a two man job to not only hold in place to secure but also to allow for a finer adjustment.

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 9

BMW F8X Spoiler Install 10


BMW F8X Spoiler Install 11Once the wing is in place it’s a final quick wipe down and we can all stand back and enjoy the final result which is a G8X Spoiler installed on to a BMW M4 F82!

BMW G8x F82 Final Look


BMW G8x F82 Final Look 2

BMW G8x F82 Final Look 3

BMW G8x F82 Final Look 4Remember now we’ve done the M4 F82, we’ll be able to offer this for the M3 F80 also using the Genuine Fitting Kit.

This installation can only be done at our workshop here in Poole and takes approximately 4-5 hours.

If you fancy more of a visual feast then check out the video below:

Gold BMW i3 Electric Vehicle

The Role of Carbon Fibre in the Electric Vehicle Revolution

As the world shifts towards more sustainable modes of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity. In addition to being eco-friendly, EVs are also more efficient and cost-effective in the long run. However, to make EVs even more sustainable and efficient, carbon fibre components are playing a crucial role.

At Carbonwurks, we specialise in manufacturing high-quality carbon fibre components for cars, including EVs. Our carbon fibre components are lightweight, strong, and durable, making them ideal for enhancing the performance and aesthetics of EVs.

Carbon fibre components not only make EVs lighter and more aerodynamic, but they also improve their battery life and range. By reducing the weight of the vehicle, carbon fibre components require less energy to move, which translates to longer battery life and greater range. Additionally, our carbon fibre components are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

But what exactly is carbon fibre, and why is it so beneficial for EVs? Carbon fibre is a composite material made of carbon fibres and resin that is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. It is stronger and lighter than most metals, making it an ideal material for reducing the weight of vehicles without compromising their structural integrity. Carbon fibre is also resistant to corrosion, fatigue, and heat, which makes it more durable and reliable than other materials.

Carbon fibre is used in a variety of applications in the automotive industry, including body panels, interior trims, and suspension components. In EVs, carbon fibre is particularly useful for reducing the weight of the battery pack and improving its cooling. By using carbon fibre components in the battery pack, the weight of the pack can be reduced, which in turn reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. This, in turn, increases the vehicle’s range and improves its efficiency.

At Carbonwurks, we offer a wide range of carbon fibre components for EVs, including spoilers, diffusers, mirror covers, and more. Our components are designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of EVs while reducing their weight and improving their efficiency. We use the latest manufacturing techniques and materials to ensure that our components are of the highest quality and durability.

As the automotive industry continues to shift towards sustainable and efficient modes of transportation, Carbonwurks is proud to play a role in this revolution. By providing high-quality carbon fibre components for EVs, we are contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Outside Carbonwurks Ltd

What To Do Whilst At Carbonwurks

If you’re booked in to have some work done down at our HQ here in Poole, Dorset it’s worth knowing a few things that you can do with your time whilst you’re here especially if you’re here for a good few hours whilst the magic happens.

Depending if you’re staying with us whilst the car is being worked on or venturing outside we’ve come up with a few different options to keep you entertained.

Inside Carbonwurks Lounge

Downstairs we’ve put together a small lounge where you can relax whilst with us or if needed the ability to carry on working. Whilst being a nice relaxing environment we’ve got some great amenities to keep you going.

Facilities at Carbonwurks

First up we’ve got you covered when it comes to drinks and snacks. All of these are complimentary and you’ve got the choice of coffee from our Nespresso machine, tea or a selection of cold drinks from our fridge.

Our choice of snacks is usually dependent on how many are eaten by our team but usually comprises of biscuits, chocolate bars and perhaps the odd confectionary item.

Sofa & Fridge at Carbonwurks

The IKEA “Klippan” sofa was the obvious choice for our lounge, not only does it look good but is very comfortable to relax and take it all in whilst with us.

Smart TV at Carbonwurks

Whilst relaxing you’re welcome to watch our Smart TV. Whilst we don’t have any Freeview channels (Just yet) it has all the latest up-to-date apps built in such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iPlayer, ITVX and many more! Remember to bring your logins so you can gain access to your personal account and get your own personalised recommendations.

Free Carbonwurks Wifi via Wifi Porter

If you need to carry on working or prefer to use your own devices then we have Complimentary Wifi that is super easy to connect to either from your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Mole Hut at Holton Heath

Whilst you’re with us and do want to venture out for some more substantial food we’re lucky to have a great independent establishment locally.

The Mole Hut (Great name) is a short walk down the main road which has anything from sandwiches to breakfast to burgers. We’ve got one of their menus so just shout if you want to take a look or place an order with them.

You can find out more about them over on their Facebook page –

Holton Heath Train Station

If you’re going to be with us for a while then it’s worthwhile venturing out further a field. Sadly being on an industrial estate there isn’t a great deal to see or do. We are however lucky to have access to Holton Heath Train station which is just a 10min walk from our building which can take you directly into Poole for as little as £3. Normally the train leaves every 30 / 60mins depending on the day.

You can check the Live Departures & Arrivals here –

You can see the quickest and easiest route to get there below:

Poole Quay at Sunset

Home to the world’s second largest natural harbour and the famous Sandbanks beaches you’ll find plenty to keep you busy for the day. The town centre has all the usual shops and food establishments to keep you entertained and then it’s a quick train ride back!

Also a great option to get you back home quickly if you’re planning on leaving the car with us overnight or a few days.

If a Taxi is more your thing then we can highly recomment Poole Radio Cabs. You can book them on 01202 373737 or visit them on the link below:

Last but not least, if you are really coming from far away or your vehicle is in for more than a day it might be worth booking a place to stay for the night so you have somewhere to stay or prevent an early start.

The most popular hotel that our customers seem to stay at is The Premier Inn at Holes Bay. It’s conveniently located and whilst you’re there, you’ll benefit from some great views and also a short walk into Poole Town Centre. It’s also great for when you come to see us as it’s just down the Dual Carriageway and only takes a few minutes to get to us!

You can book a room using the link below: 

Hopefully you can see that we’re not just your usual workshop or garage but somewhere that takes care of you and your vehicle whilst you’re with us and giving you some extra bits of info to help you plan your day.

If you need any further help or advice about your visit then please just get in touch with us directly.


The Carbonwurks Team

The BMW M240i "ACS2" By AC Schnitzer

Is the AC Schnitzer BMW M240i Better Than The BMW M2?

AC Schnitzer recently came down to visit us here at Carbonwurks to showcase their exciting new BMW M240i conversion and it didn’t disappoint!

Lorcan from AC Schnitzer UK kindly made Carbonwurks the first pit stop of it’s UK tour to show us why it’s people are raving about this over the much anticipated BMW M2.

Daniel McKenzie & Lorcan Parnell

With demand for the new BMW M2 rocketing but sadly with low production numbers due to various issues being encountered through out the automobile world, the M240i is quickly taking it’s place and it’s not hard to see why!

The ACS2 as it’s also known is currently pushing out approx. 374bhp with the option to increase this to 420bhp & 600nm torque with the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade (Which also provides you with a 3 year engine / drivetrain & OPF warranty for ultimate peace of mind). At this level of performance you’re not a million miles away from the 453bhp with the M2 and and yet having more torque than the M2’s 550nm!

The exhaust is where we really started getting interested. It’s a Quad sports exhaust that is a rear axle back system which still retains the GPFs but gives you that nice burble whilst under load and some nice cracks on the upshift under load.

BMW M240i AC Schnitzer Exhaust

Styling wise the UK version of the ACS2 has 20” AC4 Alloy Wheels, lowering springs which drops the ride height by approximately 20mm. It’s not overkill and could go further but it’s done to just give that little drop without ruining the ride comfort and running the risk of hitting the front spoiler. The AC Schnitzer sports suspension system includes both springs and dampers, not just lowering springs. The high quality non-adjustable sports dampers outperform BMW adaptive dampers, and when combined with the lowering springs are also perfectly comfortable for everyday driving. Unlike adaptive dampers which use a constantly changing damping force to give comfort OR handling, Sports dampers use a carefully calibrated damping force which is perfectly matched to the spring rate. This combination gives secure, predictable handling with ride comfort which was felt when we drove the car in some tricky conditions.

In terms of aerodynamics, the car has the AC front splitter, and matched nicely with the rear roof spoiler. In the very near future this roof spoiler will also be matched with a subtle replacement boot spoiler.

Front of the AC Schnitzer BMW M240i

Rear of the AC Schnitzer BMW M240i

Inside as standard with the ACS2 conversion you’re treated to an alloy pedal set with footrest and shift paddle set. On this particular car that AC Schnitzer brought down, it had the optional sports steering wheel which really helped you feel connected to the car whilst hitting those higher end (Road legal…) speeds while banging through the gears with a solid clunk from the upgraded paddles.

Now whilst the car was with us we took the opportunity to do a quick video review with a walk-around the car and talking through the car with Lorcan whilst out on a drive putting the car through it’s paces! You can check it out on the video below:


Carbonwurks Team Photo

Carbonwurks Have Hit The News!

Well what a few months it’s been for us here! New premises, new workshop, and new members of the team!

If you’re an avid follower of us on Social Media you will know that back in September / October 2022 we took over a newer / bigger builder based in Holton Heath and brought together 3 separate locations so they are all under one roof!

Carbonwurks Featured On DorsetBizNews

The great piece written by Andrew Diprose from Dorset Biz News shows how Carbonwurks started off life and where it’s heading to. Andrew came to visit us at the beginning of January 2023 where we showed him round some of the things we were working on as well as getting down to know us a bit more.

If you have a spare 5 mins, it’s certainly worth the time in doing so!

You can read the full article here:

Ex-racing driver turns his carbon fibre passion into a business exporting all over the world

Picture / Article Credit: Andrew Diprose, Editor at Dorset Biz News

BMW M3 G81 Touring Carbon Fibre Upgrades

When BMW first announced that the BMW M3 G81 Touring was coming to the UK we couldn’t put a deposit down fast enough and it was in the book within a matter of a few days of it going live.

Not only did we want to be one of the first to have a Touring but also to allow us a new vehicle to develop some new Carbon Fibre Upgrades much like we did with our M4 G82. You can read / watch more about this car here –

As per usual, BMW will undoubtedly offer the standard M-Performance upgrades some of which will be Carbon Fibre inspired but not all! From factory, unless you spec the Carbon Pack you won’t get a hint of exterior carbon. Even if you want the M-Performance rear boot-lid spoiler it will only be offered in Gloss Black and not Carbon Fibre like the smaller low profile counterpart which is quite unusual when compared to the standard M3 / M4 G8X platform.

Not all is lost though, with our car on our order we’re going to start putting some new BMW G81 M-Performance “Style” parts into production. This now includes:

All of the above can be ordered for your BMW G81 now.

As we know there is a lot of excited people out there waiting for their own G81 BMW M3 Touring to arrive, we thought we’d drop some configurator pictures and specs of the car we’re waiting for!

BMW M3 G81 Touring in Frozen Grey

BMW M3 G81 Touring Interior - Kyalami Orange

As you can see from the pictures it’s coming in the iconic Frozen Grey with 20” M Forged Alloy Wheels. We’ve also gone a bit rogue and went for the Kyalami Orange and Black Leather option!

The car itself apart from the standard spec offered with the Touring we have added on the following items:

  • Visibility Pack (Laser Lights)
  • M Pro Pack (Carbon Ceramic Brakes and M Driving Pack)
  • Comfort Pack (Comfort Access, Extended Storage & Heated Steering Wheel)
  • Sun Protection Glass

As we’ll be doing the Carbon Fibre parts ourselves we left the Carbon / M-Performance pack off!

When the car arrives we’ll be sure to do a full write up and a video of the Carbonwurks BMW M3 G81 Touring!

In the meantime if you want to keep up to date with all things BMW M3 Touring related then make sure you follow us on our dedicated BMW M3 Touring Facebook Group:


Carbonwurks Black Friday Deals & Discounts

Carbonwurks Black Friday Deals & Discounts 2022

It’s that time of year again where everybody is trying to root out the best deals and discounts for things they’ve been holding off buying all year to try and scoop the lowest price possible.

If you’re a keen follower of Carbonwurks and what we get up to then you’ll also know that we don’t offer too many discounts over the year apart from Black Friday.

This year is no different and we’ve got a great offering for all you Carbon Fibre and Performance fans.

First up we have 10% off the majority of all the products on the website when you use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

If you’re spending over a certain amount then you’ll also bag some extra goodies:

  • Spending over £1500 – Free Pair of Carbonwurks Sunglasses
  • Spending over £2000 – Free Pair of Carbonwurks Sunglasses and a Carbonwurks T-Shirt
  • Spending over £2500 – All of the above plus a £25 Digital Amazon Gift Card

There’s no code to get any of the above, if you spend over the amount then we’ll do the rest.

Time to fill up that basket and enjoy the benefits!

• Web Sales Only
• Wednesday 23rd Nov to Sunday 27th Nov
• For out of stock or high demand items there maybe a delay in shipping
• Does not Include: Installation Services, Skinned Products, Repair Work, Special Order Vouchers, Sale Items, Custom Orders

BMW M4 Carbon Fibre CSL

BMW M3 / M4 G8X CSL Carbon Fibre Upgrades

BMW M3 / M4 G8X CSL Carbon Fibre Upgrades

The BMW M4 CSL (Also known as Competition, Sport, Lightweight) is a truly unique vehicle. Not only is production to only 1000 vehicles worldwide it’s also the fastest production BMW that hit the Nürburgring circuit with an impressive 7min 20sec time.

Ever since we saw the first shots of the BMW M4 CSL we wanted to replicate that look and style for our BMW M4 Development car but in Carbon Fibre. The standard grille version from BMW is only in gloss black with red accents around the edge. Similarly the front splitter features the same colour setup.

Now we didn’t want to just replicate the exact same part we wanted to put our own unique Carbonwurks spin on things. We set to work and can finally offer up a Carbon Fibre version of the front grille and lower front splitter. It also features the same 2×2 twill carbon fibre that BMW use on their own parts.

In the G8X series the CSL version was only available in the M4 variant from BMW but we didn’t want to leave the M3 G80 / G82 owners out which is why our parts are compatible with both the BMW M3 and M4.


BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Fibre CSL Front Grille

Purchase Here: 

The front grille of the new M3 / M4 has always been a contentious piece with some referring to it as “Beaver Tooth” and whilst it’s certainly an acquired taste (We love it) it really does just work with the new CSL version. Offering some great looking lines and areas of void it makes the front end much more aggressive than from factory.

BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Fibre CSL Front Splitter

Purchase Here:

To match up nicely with the front grille we have our own CSL Style front splitter. This comes as a 3-piece splitter that like the front grille matches the same Carbon Fibre twill that BMW use. Once fitted it dramatically increase the style of the front end and giving you that ultimate CSL look and feel without breaking the bank.

BMW M3 M4 CSL Carbon Fibre Splitter

If you want to get a more hands-on view of these two parts then we’ve dropped a great video on YouTube which you can see below!

If you’re interested in any of the parts in this blog or want any further information then just get in contact!

New Carbonwurks Unit

Carbonwurks Get’s An Upgrade

We spend so much time upgrading and enhancing people’s cars we very rarely get chance to upgrade ourselves. It’s time for a change as we’re getting a pretty big upgrade!

As the business keeps growing we decided it was time for a new building to add to our current portfolio that will specifically allow us to concentrate more on offering installation in-house of our parts and performance upgrades. It will also give us more space to be able to offer a growing part of the business which is our repair and skinning services.

As you can see from the pictures dotted throughout we’re working with a fairly standard base of a unit which needs some work but gives us lots of scope to make it our own and build what is needed.

First on the list is to build two fabrication rooms at the back of the workshop which will be custom built to our exact need to allow us a really smooth process for the Carbon Fibre Repair and Skinning.

Moving forward we’re going to install a Scissor Lift Ramp that will allow us a really nice and easy way of lifting cars up to work on.

The next big thing is to add much more suitable lighting into the workshop area to allow us to fully see what we’re doing and to give us the best working environment!

The upstairs we’re pretty happy with apart from the colour and the carpets but these will be some simple things for us to change. It will allow us the space to work on projects and be able to manage all the orders and work that is now starting to come through the door.

Once this is all done we’ll be getting the usual in to make it truly our own including local electricians, security companies and decorators.

When the build is complete and ready to roll we’ll put together a new blog showing off all the different elements of the unit and show you what we’ve created!

If you want to get a bit more of our visual eye feast you can check out our first building tour on the video below.

Paul Wallace from Super Cars of London Test Drives Carbonwurk's BMW M4 G82

Carbonwurks Meets Paul Wallace from Supercars of London

We recently had a brilliant opportunity to have our development BMW M4 G82 reviewed and videoed by Paul Wallace from the super popular YouTube Channel, SuperCars of London. It was great to be part of the video and get his thoughts on the car itself and also the new M-Performance Style exhaust system by Quicksilver.

Paul Wallace is a 32 year old Supercar enthusiast who started his first Youtube channel in 2006. Now Supercars Of London (SOL) has 885,000 subscribers and over 300 million views and is one of the top five car vlogs in the world.  From reviewing the latest cars, road-tripping around the world in the fastest, most exotic of cars through to the purchasing of his very own supercar.

The main bulk of the day was for Paul to get a feel for the car and the new exhaust system that Quicksilver have developed as an alternative to the BMW option.

Paul is known as the resident “Exhaust Expert” and it was great for him to check the car out and get his thoughts and surprise to hearing the system in action!

As per normal he filmed an excellent YouTube video on the car and you can check that out below!