Monitoring Your Car & Performance Whilst On Track

It’s not just mechanical components that can be upgraded for the benefit of performance, reliability and safety on track, electrical systems can be added to and upgraded to provide additional information to you the driver allowing you to monitor the performance of both you the driver and your car. Below are the main product groups available to enhance your car electronically

Auxiliary Gauges & Information Displays

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Gauges
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Gauges

Auxiliary gauges allow you to monitor the vital signs of your car’s major components, the failure of which would not only end your day early but potentially incur a significant repair cost. There is a multitude of options when it comes to the products available for this purpose, from the more traditional analogue gauge through to fully digitised can-bus driven multifunction displays, there is a solution for anyone looking to keep a closer eye on under bonnet conditions.

Whilst some more dedicated sports cars will feature factory fitted auxiliary read-outs such oil pressure and temperature, its more common to find that the standard dials only offer the minimum of information when it comes to live engine data. The most important parameters you can monitor are those of your engine oil – keeping a keen eye on oil pressure and temperature will tell you when you need to back off the pace and allow things to cool down or more critically spot the early signs of internal engine issues through a dip in oil pressure allowing you to switch off before significant damage is caused.

Generally speaking the more you spend on such equipment the better its functionality. Whilst a traditional analogue gauge is more than capable of displaying the required information, you will typically be limited to one piece of data. Things have progressed a lot since the inception of these gauges meaning its now possible to get digital multifunction displays monitoring a whole host of variables including the likes of battery voltage, boost pressure, coolant temperatures and so on. Arguably the best options feature programmable alarms which you can set to trigger audible or visual alerts when temperatures climb too high, or pressures drop too low allowing you to remained focused on your driving.

Our recommend brands for Aux Gauge / Info Display upgrades


Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Battery
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Battery

The battery is responsible for providing power to all the onboard electrical systems of a car. In motorsport applications there are, typically, less auxiliary systems which draw on the battery. However, some performance engines require a larger amount of cranking force due to having a higher compression ratio. As a result, race batteries differ from their road going equivalents in the form of higher cranking power as well as being lighter in weight. Typically, they will be smaller in size either generating valuable space in the engine bay or making it easier to relocate somewhere else in the vehicle, combined with its weight reduction this can pay significant dividends in terms of weight distribution.

Performance batteries tend to be either AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or Lithium-Ion batteries accounting for their reduced weight but also resulting in significant safety benefits. With a higher resistance to the shocks and vibrations commonly experienced on track, and a maintenance free, sealed construction race batteries can often be mounted in any orientation further adding to fitting options whilst removing the potential hazard of battery acid spills. If mounted inside the cockpit of the car, it is however highly recommended install inside a secure battery box.

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Camera Systems

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Camera System
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Camera System

When it comes to improving your experience on track some of the most effective solutions include more time in the seat or professional tuition – installation of a video recording system can effectively supplement both options. Being able to record your driving not only allows you to share your on-track experience with friends but more importantly means you can go back and review your performance, highlighting where things went right as well as areas for improvement.

To start with you will likely favour a more universal action camera, such as the likes of Go-Pro, for a cost-effective, user-friendly solution that can easily be removed and refitted through a range of mounting options. Beyond this you will find yourself considering more dedicated motorsport derived options that can allow multiple camera channels and incorporate GPS telemetry. Equipment level will mostly come down to budget but having multiple camera positions both forward and rear facing as well as driver focused internal positions will allow you to scrutinise car control and track position.

Our recommend brands for camera systems

Lap Timers & Telemetry

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Lap Timer / Telematics
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Lap Timer / Telematics

Although not permitted for use on track days as they’re strictly non-competitive, if you’re planning on taking your circuit driving to the next level then lap timing and telemetry is essential for monitoring performance and improving lap times. Typically operating on GPS signal, systems mount inside the cabin and often have a dash mounted display for live timing. Some systems are also able to interrogate the vehicle electrics via the OBD port extracting live data to complement other telemetry channels.

Basic lap timing equipment starts with standalone timers requiring manual input to stop, start and reset timing with the option of being dashboard or steering wheel mounted. Building on this there are GPS based products that are equipped to automatically reset lap times as you cross the start/finish line on track beyond which you enter the realms of telemetry-based systems. With live timings being displayed in the cockpit, you as the driver can make changes in real-time monitoring progress lap on lap whilst also being able to return to the data in the pits and debrief off circuit.

Our recommend brands for lap timers and telemetry

Lighting (Shift / Warning Lights)

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Shift Lighting
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Lap Timer / Telematics

Much like auxiliary gauges, auxiliary lights serve to inform you the driver of a situation that you might otherwise not have been aware of! The most common of warning lights is the shift light – to be mounted in the driver’s line of sight its purpose is to help time gear shifts most effectively for optimum engine performance. Programmed to suit your cars maximum engine speed a shift light will flash to indicate the need to change gear, this can be in the form of one individual light or a series of coloured lights that will pre-warn you of your proximity to the vehicles rev limit by a predetermined amount of rpm.

The benefit of such equipment is maintaining driver’s focus on circuit and surroundings whilst providing a level of protection to engine and gearbox.

* Please note that a shift light is not in itself a rev limiter and neither of them stand to mechanically limit an engine from over speeding! *

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