Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

Improving How your car reacts on track

Optimising the steering and suspension on your car is a fundamental part of performance modifications and track use – it can be upgraded in several ways as outlined below and one thing that is common in making any of these changes is that with upgraded parts will come an improved design with higher quality, stronger materials and with enhanced performance and greater reliability.

Adjustable Arms & Top Mounts

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Adjustable Arms
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Adjustable Top Mounts

As you will learn from several pages on our website when it comes to getting the most from your track car, one of the most essential parts of your preparation is having your wheel alignment adjusted. When it comes to alignment settings for track or even fast road use its common that factory components either don’t have the required range of adjustment or lack adjustment completely! Adjustable link arms and suspension mounts are designed specifically to give a greater range of adjustment or allow adjustment where there previously were none.

Whilst available parts will vary dependent on the model of vehicle, the theory behind them all is the same in that optimum geometry is the aim of the game. Allowing you to set your camber, castor, and toe (see our alignment page for an explanation of these terms) should result in the perfect setup for your intended use – typically the biggest improvements come from adding more negative camber particularly, to the front of the vehicle whilst other settings can be more a case of fine tuning. Ultimately what adjustable components give you is the ability to precisely set the alignment of your car in a manner that suits your style, your car and its modifications.

Our recommend brands for arm & top mount upgrades

Anti-Roll Bars

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Anti-Roll Bars
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Anti-Roll Bars

Upgrading the anti-roll bars on your track car can improve its handling and stability during cornering. By reducing body roll, they help distribute weight more evenly across all four wheels, resulting in better traction and overall performance/grip levels on track. Additionally, upgraded anti-roll bars can enhance the responsiveness of your vehicle, allowing for more precise and controlled steering inputs. 

Typically upgraded roll bars will be a larger diameter than the factory part which makes them stiffer and more resistant to body roll, some products also feature adjustability allowing you to choose between several settings depending on track, conditions and dialling a certain balance into the car. It’s also worth noting that in a situation where a car has a fixed axle, and the roll bar is incorporated with a suspension beam you might find that there is a bolt-on additional/auxiliary roll bar kit available for your application.

Our recommend brands for anti-roll bar upgrades

Bump Steer Correction

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Bump Steer Correction
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Bump Steer Correction

Bump steer is an undesirable geometry characteristic that commonly develops when a vehicle is lowered significantly from its factory ride height, its explanation is somewhat technical, but the symptom is when undulations in the suspension cause the wheels to change direction without input at the steering wheel. Dependent on application correction kits are available to lessen the effects of bump steer on feedback to the driver – obviously any unintentional steering changes are unnerving and even more so at speed on track!

Bump correction is all about returning the steering geometry back towards its factory state – typically lowering a vehicle will cause the steering arm/track rod to become angled upwards towards the wheel which exaggerates the change in toe when the suspension is compressed. Correction will normally be made at the track rod end, lowering the connection point to the hub will begin to drop the steering arm back into tolerance. Steering rack spacers can also help to negate the impact of bump steer.

Our recommend brands for steer correction upgrades


Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Bushes
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Bushes

Suspension bushes can be a much-overlooked area for improvement particularly on an older/higher mileage car – High-performance suspension bushes can provide improved handling, stability, and responsiveness by reducing flex and movement in the suspension components. This results in more precise steering, better traction, and enhanced overall performance on the track. They also help maintain proper alignment and suspension geometry under hard cornering and braking, leading to more consistent and predictable handling characteristics. Some upgraded bush options also feature an eccentric/off-centre mounting holes allowing a small amount of geometry correction.

For the more dedicated track car there is also the option of using spherical bearings in place of the bushes, the benefits of using spherical bearings on a track car include improved suspension articulation, reduced binding and friction, pin-point responsiveness and feedback, and increased durability under high-performance driving conditions. Whilst they’re unrivalled in terms of performance, spherical bearings do unfortunately transmit a lot of road noise and harshness making them a rather hardcore choice for a road going track car combined with their need for a greater amount of maintenance.

Our recommend brands for bushing upgrades

Chassis Bracing

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Chassis Bracing
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Chassis Bracing

Given that circuit driving subjects a car to far greater stresses than regular use its only logical that your track car will benefit from additional reinforcements to the bodyshell to allow it to better cope with the large twisting forces generated when cornering at speed. Chassis bracing makes this possible where the implementation of a roll cage or other fixed reinforcements are prohibitive, traditionally they would come in the form of strut braces however other chassis braces are now becoming a far more common place.

The premise of chassis bracing is to tie together and brace (no surprises there) the various chassis and suspension mounting points on the vehicle – strut braces for example reinforce the upper mounting points of the strut towers preventing them from being forced inwards when the suspension is underload. To take things a step further not only are you preventing deformation in the bodyshell at this point but in resisting the travel of the suspension you’re forcing the tyre to maintain contact with the tarmac which is exactly where you want it!

Our recommend brands for chassis upgrades


Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Coilovers
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Coilovers

Coilover suspension is probably one of the biggest changes you could make on your track car. This replaces all the shock absorbers & springs and dependant on the specification of kit offers a large amount of adjustment and customisation. There are a vast range of coilovers available with varying levels of specification; starting with fixed damping, height adjustable suspension right through to fully adjustable coilovers with electronic damper control.

Even a basic set of coilovers has a lot to offer your track car but the better the coilover the greater the benefit to your driving experience, the following are just some of the benefits of coilover suspension:

  1. Adjustable Ride Height: Coilovers allow you to easily adjust the ride height of your vehicle, enabling you to fine-tune the suspension setup for optimal weight distribution, performance and improved centre of gravity.
  2. Adjustable Damping: Commonly coilovers come with adjustable damping settings, allowing you to customize the suspension stiffness to suit different track conditions and driving preferences. More advanced dampers can offer independent bump & rebound adjustment with some even offering slow and fast transition adjustment.
  3. Improved Handling: Coilovers provide better control over body roll, weight transfer, and overall handling characteristics, resulting in improved cornering grip and stability on the track.
  4. Enhanced responsiveness: The stiffer spring rates and adjustable damping of coilovers can improve the responsiveness of your track car, making it more agile and precise in its handling.
  5. Durability and performance: High-quality coilovers are built to withstand the rigors of track driving, offering improved durability and performance compared to stock suspension components.

Our recommend brands for coilover upgrades

Roll Centre Correction

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Roll Centre Correction
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Roll Centre Correction

Operating on much the same premise as bump-steer correction, roll centre correction is all about correcting the negative effects of significantly lowering a car. Roll centre represents the pivot point of the suspension system in its entirety – Lowering the roll centre (as a result of reduced ride height) below ground level causes increased understeer, increased body roll, more steering lock required to take a corner and lower feedback through the steering wheel.

Once again, we refer to suspension geometry – it’s important to understand that suspension mounting points, the angle & length of suspension arms and range of travel are all specifically designed within factory parameters to best suit performance and safety. The more we modify our cars the further away from this specification we will end up. Roll centre correction traditionally takes place at the lower ball joint and will lower the mounting point of the suspension arm in a bid to return its angle closer to factory settings in turn rectifying the lowered roll centre position and its adverse effects.

Our recommend brands for roll correction upgrades

Shock Absorbers

Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Shock Absorbers
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Shock Absorbers

Performance shock absorbers are an ideal compromise for any road going track car – allowing a firmer ride, without the harshness of coilovers, sports shock absorbers will have revised damper characteristics as well as a lower operating range/reduced travel suiting more spirited driving and reduced ride height through lowering springs. Higher specification shock absorbers can feature adjustable damping which makes for an extremely effective go-between for occasional track use whilst maintaining ample comfort on the road.

If you’re aiming to modify your road going car for track use then sports suspension is the perfect place to start, it may also be a consideration on an older car where original suspension has become worn and requires replacement. The benefit with performance shock absorbers is that they retain the original design & structure of the original equipment making for ease of fitment whilst also being low/zero maintenance compared to coilover suspension. Commonly, upgraded shock absorbers are offered in conjunction with lowering springs to offer a complete sports suspension solution.

Our recommend brands for shock absorbers


Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Springs
Carbonwurks Track Car Build - Springs

Lowering springs are probably one of the most common starting points when it comes to modifying a car – they are a cost-effective, straight swap solution offering several easily obtained benefits over stock. The main advantages are performance and aesthetic gains – aesthetically a lowered car has a reduced arch gap and overall offers a sporty more pleasing appearance, in terms of performance it offers a lowered ride height and all the associated rewards.

Performance springs feature a couple of variables, namely ride height and spring rate. Typically, there will be a variety of spring options available for one model of car offering a choice of ride height reduction and spring rate will be determined to suit. Usually, the lower the ride height the higher the spring rate making the spring harder to compress, this resulting in a stiffer ride and preventing the car from bottoming or grounding out. A lower car with stiffer suspension will naturally have reduced roll and improved feedback when driving at speed on track.

One thing to note is that the lower you go on springs alone, the closer to the limit of the standard shock you get. To avoid compromised performance its worth considering swapping out for sports shocks or in the case of worn, higher mileage components replacing the standard equipment to best compliment the new, lowered ride height.

Our recommend brands for spring upgrades