About Carbonwurks

About Carbonwurks

All of the parts we have on offer have either been tried or tested on one of our development vehicles. In some cases parts have also been track tested to ensure safety at higher loads and speeds.

Who are Carbonwurks

The Back Story

Way back in 2009 Carbonwurks was founded in a small bedroom and out garage in Poole, Dorset where Daniel (The boss man) started dabbling in Carbon Fibre on a Project Car (The Infamous Audi TT Mk2) in creating carbon mirror caps.

Daniel’s interest in Carbon Fibre however came from his motorsport background since 2003. Having raced in Formula 3, Formula 2, Renault World, Blancpain Endurance (GT World Challenge) and then ending up in the European Le Man Series he was surrounded by Carbon Fibre not only to give him the weight advantage but also the safety aspect.

In 2014 is where it started to get serious with the business incorporating and becoming a Limited company and since then super charging the way forward in the world of Carbon Fibre.


Workshop Facilities

Back in 2022 we combined 3 separate locations into one so that our offices, stock and workshop facilities were all encompassed and housed under one roof. We think we know our products and brands the best so we invested heavily into the state-of-the-art installation bay within our building so that we can truly offer high quality installations along with service and maintenance for vehicles. We too have further progressed with our carbon fibre repair, skinning, and manufacturing all under 1 roof.

Audi R8 - Audi Sport Carbon Fibre

What can we offer?

Carbon Fibre Parts

Here at Carbonwurks we design, develop and produce full Prepreg Carbon Fibre parts for mainly the automotive world. However, this is not the only thing we offer. Some parts that are not under stress or load don’t necessarily need to be made out of full Prepreg Carbon Fibre, and for this reason we also offer a lamination/skinning service to turn original parts into Carbon Fibre as well as composite parts. We have a large range of carbon fibre parts available to purchase on our website as well as commissioning carbon parts for other companies too.

Carbon Fibre Repair

Saving Carbon From The Bin

A common misconception is carbon fibre cannot be repaired once damaged. A unique craft we are very much versed in is Carbon Fibre repair, something we have been doing since 2015. Whether you’ve picked up a few slight scuffs/scratches on your front spoiler or, you’ve split/cracked your rear diffuser, we can bring back carbon to it’s former glory. The cost of replacement carbon parts at manufacturer level can be horrifically expensive, repairing carbon can save thousands and save months of waiting for a new part to come back into stock. Check the link below for our repair section:

Carbon Fibre Repair

Carbon Fibre Repair

What else?

Not just Carbon

Hinging from Daniel’s Motorsport experience and Sam’s specialist technical knowledge from working on premium German vehicles for the last 16 years we really do know how to make cars better in terms of performance and as much as we live and breathe the world of carbon fibre we’re also passionate about making your vehicle perform better, look better and sound better! Not all cars need to be tweaked and for that reason we do also offer workshop maintenance and servicing too.

Whether it’s a Twin-Turbo Build, Suspension drop or Exhaust upgrade we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the Brands we love fitting on the link below:

Brands we love

Knowledge is Power

Development Vehicles

We’re not just a box them high and sell them cheap sort of company when it comes to any of our products that we make or buy in. We choose a car, buy it as a company asset and then develop and test our parts (and our partner brands parts) to that vehicle to make sure we’re happy with how they look, fit and ultimately put a smile on our face.

How can you sell a product if you really don’t know how it fits, looks and whether it’s made to last? The honest answer is you can’t, and you shouldn’t! We will never become a company that tries to sell customers what ever they can to make a quick buck, we will always spend time doing our research and development until we are completely satisfied that part is made to do its job properly. If it’s not good enough to go on our car, it’s certainly not good enough to go on yours.

Gaining Status

Made in Britain

One of the big accolades for Carbonwurks was gaining the “Made In Britain” status back in 2022 which is an accreditation and approval process to show that production of some of our equipment is done right here in Britain.

If you want to read more about this, then take a look on the link below:

Made in Britain

Quality and Safety

There are various other methods for making a Carbon Fibre part that suits various applications. A lot of cheap carbon fibre may look cosmetically acceptable but this does not mean it is fit for purpose. Too often fitment is heavily compromised by cheap materials and production methods, which also lead to a part that is not actually robust enough for the job.

Carbonwurks swear by quality and create parts to the highest of standards that wouldn’t be out of place on a racecar. When safety is concerned we are 100% confident our parts will stand the test of time, can the same be said for other inferior cheaper Carbon parts? Don’t find out the hard way…

Quality doesn’t have to mean manufacturer prices

Carbon Fibre is becoming ever more popular with manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley etc. This however comes at an extremely high price. We at Carbonwurks create OEM or better parts but at affordable and sensible pricing.

Get in touch!

Whether you just would like a couple questions answered, have a project you would like to discuss or have some awesome pictures of Carbon parts, we would be glad to hear from you.