Carbonwurks Rewards & Points

Carbonwurks Rewards & Points

How Our Rewards & Point System Works

Rewarding Our Loyal Customers!

As we’re very appreciative of the fact that you, our customer has taken the time to order from our website we wanted to reward you with money back for future visits.

This means that once you have created an account with us here at Carbonwurks you’ll instantly start earning rewards on every purchase you make that can then be redeemed on future orders.

How Does it Work?

This is how you earn points and redeem them!

Register For An Account

Firstly you’re going to need to register and setup an account on the Carbonwurks website. This can be done whilst you’re checking out with an order or by registering using the link below. Once you’re registered you’re all set to go!

You’ll earn 250 points (Worth £2.50) for registering and signing up to our newsletter as a thank you to use towards your first order or to save for future use! 

Purchase Your Items

As you’re browsing the website you will see each product has a points value of how many points you will earn for that purchase. For every £1.00 you spend will earn you 2 points. So £100 spent will give you 200 points which equals £2.00.

For example if you purchase a BMW M4 CSL Splitter for £1099. You will earn 2198 points. This means on your next order you will have £21.98 to use towards that purchase (Or save for something big!)

Redeem Your Points For £

When it’s time to make your next purchase on Carbonwurks just login to your account as normal, add the items to your basket and go through the checkout process. If you have any accrued points you simply add in the amount you want to use and it will discount it from the overall total!

You’ll also then earn points on this next new order!

The Small Print

The Things You Need To Know About How Your Points Work

Whilst we want to reward our loyal customers as much as possible there are a few points to note in regards to the terms and conditions about the Rewards & Points system:

  • You must be logged into your account to collect and redeem and points (These can’t be added retrospectively if you’re not logged in).
  • To receive your first 200 points you must register an account and sign-up to our newsletter. We use Mailchimp who will then email you a “Subscription Confirmation”. You must click “Yes, subscribe me to this list” for the points to be allocated. The email address you use for your account as well as the newsletter must be the same.
  • Our Rewards System is not available to any of our trade customers, sorry!
  • Your purchase must be made online through the Carbonwurks website. Any orders received over telephone or email are not eligible.
  • Points are rewarded solely on the value of the product. This does not include any shipping costs.
  • If you cancel an order, your points gained from that order will automatically be removed.
  • To redeem points you must be logged in and use the checkout process via the basket.
  • You cannot redeem points using the quick Apple / Google Pay from the product itself
  • Your points will last for 365 days at which point they will be automatically removed from your account so get spending!