Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Carbonwurks & Made In Britain – Helping British manufacturers sell more with one mark

We’re different from the rest

Here at Carbonwurks

Here at Carbonwurks we’ve always said that we’re different from the rest when it comes to our Carbon Fibre Products.

We’re proud that we don’t just import products and instantly ship to the masses. Carbonwurks is much more than this as we offer in house; full fabrication, manufacturing, skinning and repair work of Carbon Fibre Components.

To set ourselves apart from the rest we applied to become part of “Made In Britain” which is an accreditation in its own right to show we offer production right here in the UK. The mark itself lets our customers know that we are a trusted company that values transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices.

There will be some products that we still import from outside of the UK (MST Performance, FI Exhausts and various other partner brands) for various product lines that we offer in which case the mark won’t be used against them. This is further to re-enforce our main value of transparency.

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As part of the application process we have to show / prove to the Made In Britain Team that we either fully manufacture parts in house or that other products undergo a substantial change / transformation at our HQ here in Bournemouth, Dorset.

We’re delighted to announce that we were successful in our application and now have the right to proudly display the Made In Britain mark on our website and join over 1200 other British Manufacturers in doing so.

If you would like to learn more about our Made In Britain Accreditation, you can read all about it here: