Vehicle Detailing in Poole, Bournemouth & Dorset

Detailing is the best way to discover what's new about your old car, and what's better about your new car

Here at Carbonwurks we offer a whole range of products and services, one of which is car detailing and maintenance (interior and exterior). Normally when a car comes in for installation work, we clean down panels before installing components, sometimes however our customers are looking for that little bit more and so we now offer a few different options to cater for those wanting a showroom shine!

Would you like a showroom shine?

Maintenance Wash

A good clean is underrated, it’s not just about taking dirt and build up off the paintwork but about allowing the paintwork to shine through and leaving the car feeling cared for. A maintenance wash is normally carried out every 2-4 weeks.

  • Wheels are sprayed with a PH neutral cleaner to lift and remove as much brake dust and fallout as possible before being rinsed off.
  • PH neutral snow foam is then applied to break loose dirt, debris and general fallout off the paintwork before contacting with any mitts or brushes, getting to those gaps and places that can’t be reached otherwise.
  • 2 bucket method (with grit guards) wash is carried out on all exterior surfaces and wheels. Soft bristle brushes are used on the wheel barrels and calipers where accessible. Wheel arches are also cleaned.
  • Hydrophobic coating is applied post wash & pre drying (gives 8-12 weeks of protection)
  • Air driers are used to remove and blast off as much water as possible before further drying with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Interior is fully vacuumed along with being cleaned using soft microfiber towels and lifting any surface dust & dirt off the interior.
  • Glass is cleaned both inside and out.
  • Tyres are dressed with either a high gloss or satin rubber gel (no fling)

Price – £120


  • Exterior glass hydrophobic coating – £20
  • Ceramic exterior hydrophobic coating (excluding wheels) – £20
  • Ceramic exterior hydrophobic coating (including wheels) – £50

We can enhance your vehicle.

Vehicle Enhancement Detail

If you’re looking to take your new vehicle (or nearly new) and it’s paintwork to the next level and want it to look better than how it came from factory then this is the detail you need.

It’s designed for those vehicles that have near perfect paint already but need to just look better and give it that protection it needs for the coming weeks and months!

Vehicle Pre-Wash Process

To ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork is properly cleaned and protected, we begin the enhancement detail with a thorough pre-wash process. This process includes the following steps:

  • Application of pre-wash chemicals and snow foams to the body of the vehicle to remove and loosen embedded road grime and dirt before washing contact is made.
  • 2-bucket safe washing procedure to clean the vehicle, with feather brushing used to access intricate areas and tight edges, ensuring no areas are missed.
  • 2 further stages of cleaning with a full decontamination process on the vehicle’s body to remove embedded iron and tar deposits.
  • Rinse down of the vehicle and removal of water spots around badges, windows, and grills.
  • By performing these steps, we can ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork is cleaned thoroughly, without causing any damage or swirl marks.

Wheel, Tyre & Arch Cleaning

Our complete wheel, tire, and arch deep clean and decontamination is designed to remove the harshest of iron and tar deposits from these areas of your vehicle.

  • This process involves three stages of cleaning, using specialized chemicals and tools to ensure the removal of even the deepest embedded dirt.
  • This meticulous process ensures that your wheels, tires, and arches are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, preparing them for further treatments such as ceramic coatings if desired.

Enhancement Detailing Process

Once the pre-wash process is complete, we move on to the enhancement detailing process, which includes:

  • Enhancement detailing conducted on all panels to remove light swirls and imperfections, giving a deeper shine and greater clarity to the paintwork.
  • IPA wipe down of all panels in preparation for machine polishing.
  • Coating of all exterior paintwork with specialist coatings using either suede or microfibre applicators, depending on the paint type.
  • Coating of wheels, inside and out, and exterior glass with glass coatings.

Interior Detailing Process

We also provide a full interior detailing service as part of the enhancement detail package. This includes:

  • Full interior hoovering to extract all dust and debris.
  • Steam cleaning and disinfection of all interior components.
  • Deep cleaning, conditioning, and protection of leather seats with high-grade leather ceramic coating.
  • Protection of all interior components and carpets from stains and UV rays.
  • Deep cleaning of all interior windows.

Due to the amount of work required, we would need the car between 3 & 5 days.

Prices start from £795

Similar in process to a vehicle enhancement detail.

Vehicle Correction Detail

This process is similar in process to a vehicle enhancement detail. Where a vehicle correction differs is the level of polishing and compounding of the paintwork. If a car has gone through many years of washing (without a proper technique), there is a good chance the paintwork could have a range of holograms, swirls, and scratches. Paintwork can often look dull, tired and have little to no protection. Damage can occur to paintwork in a whole host of other ways from just general use, giving a correction detail can give the paintwork a much-needed refresh and lease of life along with adding future protection.

Pre-Correction Process

Many of the same stages are used as per an enhancement detail. Additional stages are;

  • Citrus based cleaners may be used to remove any remaining waxes or greases that could clog machine polishing pads.
  • Post washing, claying surface to remove heavily embedded contaminants. A range of Clay’s are used depending on how badly the surface is contaminated.
  • Door jams and shuts are cleaned thoroughly to ensure no debris are working onto the paint during the next polishing steps.

Polishing and Compounding Process

Once the car is cleaned and prepared as best as physically possible, the paint correction starts. This entails the following;

  • Inspecting paintwork under LED lighting to understand the requirements and level of compounding required.
  • 2-4 stage polishing/compounding depending on overall condition.
  • Anti-hologram fine polishing to finish before prepping for a ceramic coating.
  • Depending on requirement, a suitable ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork including adding further hydrophobic protection.
  • Wheels and glass can also be treated to a similar polishing and ceramic coatings.

Depending on budget and requirements, we have a range of suitable ceramic coatings available. Some of these coatings are not available to be purchased by the general public and require a very specialist application.

Generally, we require a car in for 4-7 days depending on car condition and process required.

Prices start from £1,295