Land Rover Defender D200 / D240 / D250 / D300 Exhaust Upgrade

Land Rover Defender D200 / D240 / D250 / D300 Exhaust Upgrade

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Land Rover Defender D200 / D240 / D250 / D300 Quicksilver Sound Generator Exhaust System

The Quicksilver Sound Generator Exhaust System For The Land Rover 2019+ System Unlocks It’s Ultimate Performance Sound. Suitable for the Land Rover Defender D200, D240, D250 & D400 (90 and 110).

The original system on these eco friendly Diesel Ingenium engines have almost zero sound which is very disappointing. We provide a solution that gives your Defender the soundtrack to match its look.

Our Sound Enhancer Exhaust System replaces the bulky rear silencer with a Sound Architect Sound Generator and 2 stunning QS branded carbon fibre tailpipes. Our electric sound generator then produces an engine sound that exits the vehicle alongside the actual diesel exhaust gases.

The system provides your Defender with a much more deeper presence on idle and alters with engine revs with some subtle pops on the overrun.

The generator can also be easily switched on or off to suit your environment by double tapping the Auto Start-Stop button and remembers your preference.

The QuickSilver Exhaust comprises 4 key ingredients:

  • Sound Generator Pod System
  • Connecting Pipes
  • Sound Architect valve control
  • Twin Carbon Fibre Tips

With the valves shut the QuickSilver system provides a civilised note which is unobtrusive and perfect for long journeys and early starts. Switch to valves open and the monstrous side comes alive with volume and pitch increased to deliver a pure inline six car sound that enriches the experience. Furthermore, in dynamic driving mode on occasion the exhaust delivers wonderful pops on the up-change & overrun, a nice touch.

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Top Features

  • Defined sound with accentuated pops, bangs and burbles
  • Sound Architect Standalone for full autonomy over volume
  • QuickSilver Branded Carbon Tips


Due to the nature of this system it will need to be installed by a professional automotive mechanic with previous background on this type of system and this platform.

We are however able to offer installation of this item here at our garage in Poole, Dorset. Please get in touch so we can work out the costings for you


  • Land Rover Defender D200 (90 & 110) 2019+
  • Land Rover Defender D240 (90 & 110) 2019+
  • Land Rover Defender D250 (90 & 110) 2019+
  • Land Rover Defender D300 (90 & 110) 2019+

Please Note:

  • If you are unsure of fitment, please get in touch with us before purchasing. If you would like an up to date stock level check, please do get in touch.

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