Dahler BMW Exhaust Flap Valve Control Module – Flap Control X

Dahler BMW Exhaust Flap Valve Control Module – Flap Control X

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Dahler BMW Exhaust Flap Valve Control Module – Flap Control X

The Dahler Valve / Flap Controller for BMW & BMW M Cars Allows You To Manually Open & Close Your Exhaust. Start Mode Memory. Suitable For All F & G Series BMWs

From factory the later generation F & G Series BMWs don’t allow you full control of your exhaust system in terms of the valves / flaps that control the sound. The Dahler module is a simple system that allows you full control over the exhaust to get it’s true soundtrack whilst driving.

The controller is a plug-and-play system that installs directly into the existing OEM valve modules situated on the exhaust system.

Depending on your vehicle you will require either the 1 flap or 2 flap system which can be selected from the drop-down above. If you’re unsure of what your vehicle has, please get in touch directly.

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  • Enhance your BMW driving experience with our Exhaust Flap / Valve Control Module, providing an impressive sound.
  • Plug & Play installation that provides an OEM style look and feel.
  • Start mode is adjustable through remote control or memory function. You can use the remote control to specify the vehicle’s starting function, or activate the memory function to retain the last driver’s setting even after an engine stop (OPEN or STOCK).
  • The dAHLer Exhaust Flap/Valve Control Module remains unaffected by BMW software updates, ensuring it is not lost or overwritten.
  • Due to its minimal impact on the vehicle, the Valve Control Module does not trigger error messages on the dashboard or when plugged into BMW diagnostics.
  • The dAHLer Exhaust Flap/Valve Control Module for BMW is undetectable to plug-in diagnostic readers, leaving no traces behind.
  • The Exhaust Flap/Valve Control Module for BMW is designed to be safe, causing no harm to your vehicle
  • Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C


We can supply & fit this system at our workshop here in Poole, Dorset. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete depending on the vehicle.


  • BMW 1 Series – (F20 / F21 / F40)
  • BMW 1 Series – (F40)
  • BMW 2 Series – (F22 / F23)
  • BMW 3 Series – (F30 / F31 / F34)
  • BMW 3 Series – (G20 / G21 / G28)
  • BMW 4 Series – (F32 / F33 / F36)
  • BMW 4 Series – (G22 / G23 / G26)
  • BMW Z4 Roadster – (G29)
  • BMW M2 – (F87)
  • BMW M2 – (G87)
  • BMW M3 – (F80)
  • BMW M3 – (G80 / G81)
  • BMW M4 – (F82 / F83)
  • BMW M4 – (G82 / G83)
  • BMW M5 – (F10)
  • BMW M5 – (F90)
  • BMW M6 – (F09)
  • Toyota A90 Supra Mk5

Does not work with the following vehicles:

  • M2 COUPE F87 (10/2015 – 06/2018)
  • N55 ENGINE

If you are unsure of fitment, please get in touch with us before purchasing. If you would like an up to date stock level check, please do get in touch.

Please Note:

  • For safety reasons, your vehicle’s valves cannot be permanently closed using the daHler controller as air restriction under full throttle may cause damage over time.

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