Dahler BMW Pedal Throttle Response & Anti Theft Kit – ATTC

Dahler BMW Pedal Throttle Response & Anti Theft Kit – ATTC

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Dahler BMW Pedal Throttle Response & Anti Theft Kit – ATTC

Improve The Throttle Response of Your BMW Pedal To Allow For A Quicker Acceleration When Driving. Also Provides An Anti-Theft Mode & Valet Mode To Protect Your BMW!

With modern day vehicles now using an electronic throttle (or gas) pedal it can take (what feels like a lot of time) for the car to respond appropriately on kick-down. This plug & play device simply improves the response time when you hit the throttle. Whilst it doesn’t actually give you any extra power it does make it much more reactive with can give that impression.

You can easily control the Throttle Response Kit with the included remote control unit or via your mobile phone via the Dahler App (Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

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Driving Modes

  • COMFORT Mode – This mode reduces the sensitivity of the throttle response kit to allow for a more leisurely drive without an immediate reactive acceleration.
  • ECO Mode – Similar to the program above but allows you to reduce the fuel consumption of your BMW by making it accelerate as economically as possible.
  • SPORT Mode – This driving program gives your vehicle a much sportier presence on the road. It will allow your car to react with a significantly better response and acceleration.
  • TRACK Mode – If you want to further push your vehicle (when on track) this will improve the response and acceleration further.

Anti-Theft Mode

This mode disables the accelerator pedal on the next vehicle start to prevent it from being stolen. It will still allow the vehicle to start but prevents the engine from revving and therefore from moving. This is a game-changer for vehicles especially at the moment with the rise in keyless-entry theft. Even if the criminals were to have your keys or managed to open the car remotely it won’t allow it to move from where it’s parked.

Valet Mode

The valet mode on the Dahler pedal kit reduces the value of the electronic accelerator pedal and limiting the vehicle performance. Especially useful for high-performance vehicles where it’s being driven by some body else, for example workshop or garage technicians.


We can supply & fit this system at our workshop here in Poole, Dorset. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete depending on the vehicle.


This system can be installed into any BMW, BMW M, Plug-in Hybrid or Electric Vehicle. As long as you have an electronic throttle pedal it’s a direct plug and play system into the existing OEM harness at the accelerator pedal.

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