Carbonwurks has been working with Quicksilver Exhausts for a solid 5+ years now and our relationship has gone from strengths to strengths. Pretty much every one of our development cars has featured one of their systems and there is a good reason why, they are the masters of making some of the finest exhaust systems money can buy!

Our latest development car is the BMW G82 M4 Competition. This car has undergone a complete upgrade on the carbon side with a whole host of M Performance style parts designed and produced by ourselves.

BMW offer an M Performance exhaust and diffuser which creates a very unique looking back end that is almost a bit Lexus LFA inspired. Carbonwurks & Quicksilver has set out to better the pretty ordinary sounding M Performance exhaust BMW offer and over the course of 6 months worth of development, we collectively offer a fantastic diffuser and exhaust option for those wanting that M Performance style.

Carbonwurks produce the diffuser which includes 3 parts all in 100% full prepreg autoclave carbon fibre. The main carbon diffuser is coupled with a carbon exhaust trim surround which is different to the OEM BMW version which is a standard black metal. To finish the look we also offer a tow hook cover to give a seamless finish. Various bolts, rivnuts and brackets are included for an easy OEM level of fitment.

Quicksilver have produced the exhaust in two parts: OPF-Back – for owners wanting to keep their car emissions friendly; and with optional OPF & Secondary Cat Delete pipes (supplied with pre-programmed terminator connectors so the vehicle does not require remapping, with the ability to revert back to stock without a trace).

The new exhaust and diffuser set-up can be found on our website here – BMW M3 & M4 (G8X) Quicksilver M Performance Active Valve Exhaust System. Have a read a little more in details about these superb parts.

There are also a few videos that can be seen these can be found here:

Carbonwurks Sound Video

Quicksilver Videos