BMW M3 / M4 G8X CSL Carbon Fibre Upgrades

The BMW M4 CSL (Also known as Competition, Sport, Lightweight) is a truly unique vehicle. Not only is production to only 1000 vehicles worldwide it’s also the fastest production BMW that hit the Nürburgring circuit with an impressive 7min 20sec time.

Ever since we saw the first shots of the BMW M4 CSL we wanted to replicate that look and style for our BMW M4 Development car but in Carbon Fibre. The standard grille version from BMW is only in gloss black with red accents around the edge. Similarly the front splitter features the same colour setup.

Now we didn’t want to just replicate the exact same part we wanted to put our own unique Carbonwurks spin on things. We set to work and can finally offer up a Carbon Fibre version of the front grille and lower front splitter. It also features the same 2×2 twill carbon fibre that BMW use on their own parts.

In the G8X series the CSL version was only available in the M4 variant from BMW but we didn’t want to leave the M3 G80 / G82 owners out which is why our parts are compatible with both the BMW M3 and M4.


BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Fibre CSL Front Grille

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The front grille of the new M3 / M4 has always been a contentious piece with some referring to it as “Beaver Tooth” and whilst it’s certainly an acquired taste (We love it) it really does just work with the new CSL version. Offering some great looking lines and areas of void it makes the front end much more aggressive than from factory.

BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Fibre CSL Front Splitter

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To match up nicely with the front grille we have our own CSL Style front splitter. This comes as a 3-piece splitter that like the front grille matches the same Carbon Fibre twill that BMW use. Once fitted it dramatically increase the style of the front end and giving you that ultimate CSL look and feel without breaking the bank.

BMW M3 M4 CSL Carbon Fibre Splitter

If you want to get a more hands-on view of these two parts then we’ve dropped a great video on YouTube which you can see below!

If you’re interested in any of the parts in this blog or want any further information then just get in contact!