BMW X3 / X4 / X5 / X6 / X7 G Series Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers

BMW X3 / X4 / X5 / X6 / X7 G Series Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers

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BMW X3 / X4 / X5 / X6 / X7 G Series Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers

One of the most common carbon fibre parts that a manufacturer offers as a factory option is carbon fibre mirrors. Carbonwurks produce these same carbon fibre mirrors just without the ridiculous manufacturer prices. Now available for the latest G series X models – X3/4/5/6/7.

These carbon fibre mirrors are a 100% carbon fibre part. The inner clips are plastic to allow for intricate fittings however the rest of the mirror is autoclaved – prepreg carbon fibre. This is the highest quality carbon fibre available. After being produced they are then finished off with a high gloss lacquer giving an ultra-high gloss shine. The carbon is then hand, machine polished and finally sealed in with a very high carnauba content wax from our partner Race Glaze to give both depth and protection.

A great part that not only can be seen from the outside but the weave will be on show every time you check your mirrors!

Fitment is very straightforward and the carbon mirrors are a direct replacement, none of those nasty stick-on covers here. Both mirrors can be changed over in less than 30 minutes. Professional installation however is still recommended.


  • 2 x (1 set) BMW full carbon fibre replacement mirrors


  • BMW X3 G01 – 2017 onwards
  • BMW X4 G02 – 2018 onwards
  • BMW X5 G05 – 2018 onwards
  • BMW X6 G06 – 2020 onwards
  • BMW X7 G06 – 2019 onwards

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