Pre & Post Track Day Inspection

Pre & Post Track Day Inspection

Pre & Post Track Day Inspection

Making Sure Your Vehicle Is Safe On & Off Track

Just like an annual MOT for any road going vehicle it is vital to conduct regular safety checks on any car destined for track use, not only for your own piece of mind but for the benefit of everyone on circuit. To ensure your own personal safety and enjoyment on any track day or competition event, it’s imperative to make sure your car is maintained to the highest possible standard, far exceeding the minimum requirements of an MOT – It’s important to note that once the helmet goes on your car will be subjected to far greater stresses and temperatures than in any road-based scenario and, as such needs to be prepared for far higher rates of degradation and wear!

The Inspection Plan


Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Braking

If the plan is to drive fast then you’re likely to be stopping hard! When it comes to driving on track the braking system is really put through its paces – we will visually inspect brake discs, pads, lines and where possible brake pipes as well as checking the condition and level of your brake fluid.


Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Drivetrain

Given that its responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels, it’s important to highlight any potential weaknesses in the final drive system so our inspection incorporates major components such as gearbox and differential as well as the prop-shafts and driveshafts that link them all together.


Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Tyre Pressure

When it comes to your engine it’s not just about performance but reliability too. As such we will comprehensively run through your engine bay checking all fluid systems for levels and leaks, confirming adequate servicing using appropriate fluids and ensuring the condition of the drive belt system & ancillary components. We will also check air-filter condition for optimum filtration.

Exhaust & Induction

Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Exhaust & Induction

The condition of your exhaust can make or break your day on track – from physical condition of the system and its mountings to checking the noise levels emitted which could halt your day before its even started!


Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Safety

Much like an MOT it’s imperative to verify the condition and function of safety equipment such as seatbelts and seat security to ensure driver and passenger safety in the unfortunate event of an accident on track and ability to hold you in your seat.

Steering & Suspension

Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Steering & Suspension

Through visual inspection we will ensure that all the major components are in peak and proper condition ensuring you remain in full control of the vehicle whilst cornering as fast as you dare!

Tyre Pressures

Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Tyre Pressure

An especially important part of track driving – your tyre pressures will be checked and adjusted appropriately for road use ready for you to adjust them with rising temperatures through high-speed driving.

Wheels & Tyres

Carbonwurks Track Car Preparation - Wheels & Tyres

As the only point of contact between car and tarmac having good condition wheels and tyres is key – we will check for damage and the overall condition of the tyres ensuring they have the appropriate amount of life remaining for their time on track, likewise the presence of any dangerous defects compromising wheel safety.

As part of our inspections wheel bolt tightness will be checked and where possible with, road going cars, we will also conduct a short road test to conduct a dynamic check of vehicle functions and alignment. It is important to note that tyre pressures should be checked and wheels re-torqued on a regular basis throughout any time spent on track!

Pre & Post

Inspection Costs

From £60+VAT

This service typically takes about 45mins to 1 hour to complete. Pricing is dependent on vehicle, it’s condition and any specific requirements that you need before or after your track day!