Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fibre Front Camera Covers

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fibre Front Camera Covers

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Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fibre Front Camera Covers

Here at at Carbonwurks we now offer carbon fibre camera covers for the Tesla Model 3. From Factory, the car has a lot of chrome which is not overly popular and doesn’t give the car the look it deserves. Our aim at Carbonwurks is to give the car a slightly more aggressive look without compromising the sleek design of the Tesla Model 3.

Normally we wouldn’t produce covers, however with the Tesla side cameras, a cover can be produced to completely hide the camera surround underneath giving the look of a complete replacement part for a fraction of the price.

These camera covers are a 100% carbon fibre part being autoclaved – prepreg carbon fibre. This is the highest quality carbon fibre available. After being produced they are then finished off with a high gloss lacquer giving an ultra-high gloss shine. The carbon is then hand, machine polished and finally sealed in with a very high carnauba content wax from our partner Race Glaze to give both depth and protection.

Fitment is quite straight forward being a cover. Both camera covers can be fitted in less than 20 minutes, professional installation however is still recommended.


  • 1 x Tesla Model 3 (M3) Carbon Fibre Camera Covers (set of 2).
  • Double sided tape is pre-installed for ease of installation


  • Tesla Model 3 – 2017 onwards

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