Mercedes C63 Front Bumper Canards

Mercedes C63 Front Bumper Canards

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Mercedes C63 Front Bumper Canards

The Mercedes W205 C63 is a superb looking car however from a distance with the softer curves than the previous C63 it can look a little tame. We aim to change that with our new range of C63 Carbon. The Carbonwurks front canards set add a huge amount more aggression giving that true “Black Series” look.

The canards set are made up lightweight and strong carbon fibre produced via vacuum infusion giving both great strength and superior finish. Once the parts have been produced and pulled from the mould, they are checked and tested thoroughly before heading to lacquer. Each part is inspected further and checked for tolerances before being hand and machine polished, followed by being waxed and sealed in with high content Carnauba products from our partner Race Glaze.

The 4 bumper canards are simple to install, we recommend riveting into the bumper but can be bolted or bonded on too. The 2 intake spoiler surrounds removal of the bumper is required in order to screw in from behind. Although fitting is quite straight forward we do always recommend using a trained professional to undertake the installation. We estimate around 3 hours to fit the full set.

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Installed into a 2019 Mercedes C63S


  • 1 x Mercedes C63 carbon fibre front canards and intake spoilers (6 piece kit)
  • Various fixings


  • Mercedes C63 Coupe, Saloon & Convertible W205 – 2014 onwards

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