Mercedes A45 / CLA45 / GLA45 Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

Mercedes A45 / CLA45 / GLA45 Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

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Mercedes A45 / CLA45 / GLA45 Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

The Mercedes 45 range of cars (A/CLA/GLA) have an engine power plant from the masters that are AMG, with each engine cover having a signature plaque from the person who built the engine. This is a great talking point of these cars but isn’t half let down with a fake carbon, plastic engine cover. For this sacrilegious reason, we are now offering a genuine carbon fibre engine cover to replace the OEM piece.

When it comes to carbon fibre parts there is a wide variety and range of production methods and materials. This engine cover is produced using 100% prepreg carbon fibre which is cooked under immense pressure for several hours to give an incredibly strong and yet super light part. There is no stronger and lighter carbon available on the market.

Once the engine cover has been pulled from the mould, it goes through further preparations before being finished off in a high gloss lacquer. The carbon has further checks before it is machine and hand polished and treated to a very high content carnauba wax.

While the carbon is made from extremely high quality materials and is designed to withstand great heat, we still recommend selecting the option for gold heat protective wrap for the front edge of the cover. We will pre-install the gold wrap for you saving you time and hassle. It also has the benefit of looking great too.

Fitment is a straight replacement for the OEM engine cover and can be changed over easily. Please note the Mercedes star and engine signature plaque do need to be swapped over from your original engine cover.


  • Carbon fibre replacement engine cover
  • Gold heat protective wrap (optional)


  • Mercedes A45 W176 – 2013 onwards
  • Mercedes Benz CLA45 W117 2013 – Onwards
  • Mercedes Benz GLA45 X156 2014 – Onwards

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Weight 6 kg
Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

Carbon Fibre Engine Cover, Carbon Fibre Engine Cover with Gold Wrap