BMW M3 / M4 US Spec Front Bumper Reflectors Retrofit Kit

BMW M3 / M4 US Spec Front Bumper Reflectors Retrofit Kit

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Brand:BMW M3/M4

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BMW M3 / M4 US Spec Front Bumper Reflectors Retrofit Kit

We often get custom projects because nothing else exists or other companies don’t have the knowledge to undertake a very specific task. For this reason Carbonwurks has created a retro fit reflector kit to fit the US spec front bumper reflectors to European M3 / M4’s.

From factory US spec cars come with reflectors in the front bumpers for legality reasons. The US guys tend to go for the Euro look while here in Europe we quite like the unique US look! Well, now we have a retrofit option.

The reflector kit consists of 2 hardened steel metal templates and 2 genuine BMW front bumper reflectors. The task itself is fairly straight forward, however it will require skills from a capable bodyshop to undertake the install.

We recommend removal of the front bumper for the install. The metal template sits inside of the bumper cutout where there is a very faint outline of where the reflectors are to go. The metal template is to make sure when cutting the bumper that it is almost impossible to slip and cut anything that shouldn’t or get the incorrect aperture for the cutout.

Once the shape has been cut, these reflectors are simply held in place with pre-installed tape.


  • 2 x Hardened steel templates
  • 2 x Genuine BMW front bumper reflectors


  • BMW M3 / M4 – 2014 onwards – F80, F82, F83

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