BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Headlight Eyebrows

BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Headlight Eyebrows

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Brand:BMW M3/M4

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BMW M3 / M4 Carbon Headlight Eyebrows

Sometimes the most effective modifications can also be the most simple too. Introducing our carbon fibre headlight covers/eyebrows. A super simple piece that takes a matter of minutes to install even by the most novice of home mechanics. The covers hide the chrome trim inside the headlight giving an effective carbon finish to the top of your headlights further increasing a little more aggression to the look of the car.

The covers are made up of lightweight and strong 100% carbon fibre that is produced via vacuum infusion. The covers are then finished off in a high gloss lacquer, after which the carbon is hand and machine polished then sealed in with a very high carnauba content wax from our partners Race Glaze, to give both depth and protection. Don’t be fooled into thinking other products are the same, these are designed to look and fit great but also to cope with the heat from the headlights and sun even in the most demanding environments.

We always recommend professional fitting however these covers are possibly the most simple add on part. We pre-install double sided tape so all is required is for you to prep and clean the area and simply stick on the covers. We recommend only installing in dry and warm temperatures (above 10 degrees) and using a heat gun or hair drier to warm the tape up before sticking down.


  • 2 x  Carbon fibre headlight covers
  • Alcohol cleaning wipes


  • BMW M4 F82/83
  • BMW M3 F80

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