AC Schnitzer recently came down to visit us here at Carbonwurks to showcase their exciting new BMW M240i conversion and it didn’t disappoint!

Lorcan from AC Schnitzer UK kindly made Carbonwurks the first pit stop of it’s UK tour to show us why it’s people are raving about this over the much anticipated BMW M2.

Daniel McKenzie & Lorcan Parnell

With demand for the new BMW M2 rocketing but sadly with low production numbers due to various issues being encountered through out the automobile world, the M240i is quickly taking it’s place and it’s not hard to see why!

The ACS2 as it’s also known is currently pushing out approx. 374bhp with the option to increase this to 420bhp & 600nm torque with the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade (Which also provides you with a 3 year engine / drivetrain & OPF warranty for ultimate peace of mind). At this level of performance you’re not a million miles away from the 453bhp with the M2 and and yet having more torque than the M2’s 550nm!

The exhaust is where we really started getting interested. It’s a Quad sports exhaust that is a rear axle back system which still retains the GPFs but gives you that nice burble whilst under load and some nice cracks on the upshift under load.

BMW M240i AC Schnitzer Exhaust

Styling wise the UK version of the ACS2 has 20” AC4 Alloy Wheels, lowering springs which drops the ride height by approximately 20mm. It’s not overkill and could go further but it’s done to just give that little drop without ruining the ride comfort and running the risk of hitting the front spoiler. The AC Schnitzer sports suspension system includes both springs and dampers, not just lowering springs. The high quality non-adjustable sports dampers outperform BMW adaptive dampers, and when combined with the lowering springs are also perfectly comfortable for everyday driving. Unlike adaptive dampers which use a constantly changing damping force to give comfort OR handling, Sports dampers use a carefully calibrated damping force which is perfectly matched to the spring rate. This combination gives secure, predictable handling with ride comfort which was felt when we drove the car in some tricky conditions.

In terms of aerodynamics, the car has the AC front splitter, and matched nicely with the rear roof spoiler. In the very near future this roof spoiler will also be matched with a subtle replacement boot spoiler.

Front of the AC Schnitzer BMW M240i

Rear of the AC Schnitzer BMW M240i

Inside as standard with the ACS2 conversion you’re treated to an alloy pedal set with footrest and shift paddle set. On this particular car that AC Schnitzer brought down, it had the optional sports steering wheel which really helped you feel connected to the car whilst hitting those higher end (Road legal…) speeds while banging through the gears with a solid clunk from the upgraded paddles.

Now whilst the car was with us we took the opportunity to do a quick video review with a walk-around the car and talking through the car with Lorcan whilst out on a drive putting the car through it’s paces! You can check it out on the video below: