We recently had a brilliant opportunity to have our development BMW M4 G82 reviewed and videoed by Paul Wallace from the super popular YouTube Channel, SuperCars of London. It was great to be part of the video and get his thoughts on the car itself and also the new M-Performance Style exhaust system by Quicksilver.

Paul Wallace is a 32 year old Supercar enthusiast who started his first Youtube channel in 2006. Now Supercars Of London (SOL) has 885,000 subscribers and over 300 million views and is one of the top five car vlogs in the world.  From reviewing the latest cars, road-tripping around the world in the fastest, most exotic of cars through to the purchasing of his very own supercar.

The main bulk of the day was for Paul to get a feel for the car and the new exhaust system that Quicksilver have developed as an alternative to the BMW option.

Paul is known as the resident “Exhaust Expert” and it was great for him to check the car out and get his thoughts and surprise to hearing the system in action!

As per normal he filmed an excellent YouTube video on the car and you can check that out below!