We spend so much time upgrading and enhancing people’s cars we very rarely get chance to upgrade ourselves. It’s time for a change as we’re getting a pretty big upgrade!

As the business keeps growing we decided it was time for a new building to add to our current portfolio that will specifically allow us to concentrate more on offering installation in-house of our parts and performance upgrades. It will also give us more space to be able to offer a growing part of the business which is our repair and skinning services.

As you can see from the pictures dotted throughout we’re working with a fairly standard base of a unit which needs some work but gives us lots of scope to make it our own and build what is needed.

First on the list is to build two fabrication rooms at the back of the workshop which will be custom built to our exact need to allow us a really smooth process for the Carbon Fibre Repair and Skinning.

Moving forward we’re going to install a Scissor Lift Ramp that will allow us a really nice and easy way of lifting cars up to work on.

The next big thing is to add much more suitable lighting into the workshop area to allow us to fully see what we’re doing and to give us the best working environment!

The upstairs we’re pretty happy with apart from the colour and the carpets but these will be some simple things for us to change. It will allow us the space to work on projects and be able to manage all the orders and work that is now starting to come through the door.

Once this is all done we’ll be getting the usual in to make it truly our own including local electricians, security companies and decorators.

When the build is complete and ready to roll we’ll put together a new blog showing off all the different elements of the unit and show you what we’ve created!

If you want to get a bit more of our visual eye feast you can check out our first building tour on the video below.