Our background is a little unlike others. We originated from a Motorsport background and even from a very early stage, we set out to produce and sell high-end, performance carbon fibre parts that will stand the test of time. To do this, we had to make sure that these components are not only designed to look great but can also cope with the day to day grind that a car endures as well as strenuous track usage for those owners wanting to push the limits of their car (and perhaps their ability!).

As part of the development programme we run with our components, we test our development cars on track and runways to ensure stability of the parts themselves and to take all important data that can further improve production methods and means of making our products.

Recently we signed off our BMW M3 / M4 G8X programme by testing our development M4 on track at Silverstone circuit. The day was shared with Quicksilver Exhausts who are a long standing partner company that we invited along to help get as much data as possible with an exhaust system being made for a diffuser designed by ourselves.

The testing day at Silverstone entailed various high speed runs not only pushing the cars top speed to check for deformation and stability of the parts but, to also run the car aggressively over rumble strips and kerbs to ensure the parts would be suitable to various violent frequencies that a car can experience. The exhaust system was monitored for heat expansion and tolerances which without doing so and obtaining crucial data may have adverse longevity effects, particularly for those driving in a spirited fashion.

When considering and choosing a company to purchase parts from, one of the key questions should always be “Have these parts been tested and are they safe?”  At Carbonwurks we will always endeavour to put in enough research and development time into our product range to give the highest quality product at an affordable price point.

With over 20 years of motorsport experience both on and off the track, we know the demands and requirements of components and will continue to strive for perfection.

A short video of our trip to Silverstone can be found on our Youtube channel, link is below.