When you think of carbon fibre, you’ll likely associate the name/wording with the automotive or aerospace industry. Carbon however makes up around 18% of the human body and is the 2nd biggest element that makes us who we are!

You may be thinking at this point, why is Carbonwurks talking about how I’m made? The answer is quite simple, each carbon fibre part is uniquely different and no 2 parts can ever be identical, much like ourselves.

Although a carbon fibre part from a little distance away can look the exactly the same as another, there are many reason why it wouldn’t do. With carbon fibre parts always being hand made (even in the most automated of manufacturing plants), there are always slightly differences that make each part completely unique.

When producing carbon fibre, Carbonwurks will always endeavour to make each and every part as high quality as possible and to ensure each part fits and looks as best as physically possible. It is however impossible to produce a completely flawless part with zero weave movement, a 100% flat finish or a perfect join for components that are made with a split mould (the vast majority of any carbon parts produced to date).

At first, for those who may be incredibly particular and have laser beam sight, you may think that this sounds like a bad thing but on the contrary! Knowing that the part on your car is not like anyone else’s makes it unique and with that, special.

For sure having a part with terrible weave distortion, a lacquer finish that resembles the surface of the moon or a part that won’t fit the car is simply not good enough but having a few individual unique traits is what makes carbon fibre, carbon fibre.

Each carbon fibre part will tell a tale of the person and people who made it. Each person will have a slightly different technique and whether that be in the layup, trimming or finishing of a part you are going to have something that has it’s own DNA.

A little bit of insight in this blog post as to carbon fibre production with each part having it’s own unique identity and remember, you are nearly 1/5th the same as a carbon fibre part (well sort of)!…