As Carbonwurks has progressed as a company we have got more involved in the performance tuning of cars, whether this is chassis or engine work, we love to get involved.

In 2017 DMS Automotive became the one and only engine remapping company that we work with. DMS Automotive is one of the biggest and best names you will hear when it comes to engine performance. DMS generally work on premium and high end cars which coincide with what we produce for. With ourselves working with DMS we can have customer’s cars remapped either at your location anywhere in the UK or you can have your car run on their Dyno at either their Southampton or West Bromwich facilities. If the remap is purchased through Carbonwurks it would be as if dealing with DMS, we organise the logistics and timing and you’ll enjoy a very competitive price.

Often people choose the company claiming to give the highest horsepower and torque readings however it is more about how the power is put down over the whole rev range than what peak power can be produced. A car with 300bhp could be slower and performance much worse than one with 280bhp…

At DMS they quote accurate and obtainable power figures and unleash the cars true potential. The phrase that we hear from our customers after being remapped is “this is how it should have driven from factory!”

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We generally get a lot of questions about remapping and hopefully these answers can clear up a few of those.


  • It would be foolish of anyone to say no. However, most manufacturers will only have issues with what you have done to your car if a problem arises from something that has directly been caused from the aftermarket modification.
  • DMS will free of charge come out to you to remap your car back to the standard map. If for instance warranty work is being done to your car, DMS can simply remap back to standard and generally it is the case where no proof or evidence of a remap has ever taken place. We have seen warranty work still being carried out even with the remap on the car!
  • Remapping an engine isn’t just a case of winding the boost up and advancing timing, it is about making full use of what is available for your climate and fuel used. Manufacturers will always under tune and stress the car as it has to cope with Scandinavian winters and summers in Arab countries. Remapping is changing the parameters to make use of the conditions and fuels available in each country as well as enhancing what an under stressed engine can do.
  • Manufactures also like to keep performance gaps between model variants. If BMW produced their 335 Diesel to put out the power it is capable of, not many owners would be overly pleased about their M3 being not much quicker in standard form than a £10-15K less version of the same model!
  • Absolutely not. Without going into vast detail about tuning boxes, they are a piggy back ECU that takes limited engine information and changes parameters before telling the engine and other components what to do. A remap will take every parameter into consideration and tune for the full potential of what is available. A remap is the most comprehensive way to improve performance. Tuning Boxes can also give inconsistent performance as the car starts to try and change what’s going on when it recognises something isn’t right with the outputs not matching the inputs.