Back Story

My name is Daniel McKenzie and I write this as the company Director of CarbonWurks. My personal background is in Motorsport of which I have raced and worked in since 2003. My passion for Carbon Fibre stems back many years ago having raced in Formula 3, Formula 2, Renault World Series 3.5 and putting my life in the hands of the Carbon Fibre Monocoque that I sat in. After being involved in a few pretty hefty shunts (150MPH+), I was amazed at how Carbon Fibre could take such an impact and leave me able to jump out of the car and carry on with the rest of my day (albeit with my wallet slightly worse off!).

Since my continual involvement in motorsport and spending so much time around the material Carbon Fibre, I have become almost obsessed with the stuff. It was in 2011 when I had designed and created my first full Prepreg Carbon part for my road car, the MK2 Audi TT. Since then, Carbon Fibre has become more than just a passion but, a business in creating Carbon Fibre parts that are made for the road, however to the highest possible standards.

Since 2011 we have grown a considerable amount and we not only produce carbon fibre parts but offer performance tuning parts, bodyshop facilities, engine remapping, vinyl wrapping as well as garage services. We can accommodate pretty much any cosmetic or performance requirements that you can think of.

So what can we offer?

Here at Carbonwurks we design, develop and produce full Prepreg Carbon Fibre parts for mainly the automotive world. However this is not the only thing we offer. Some parts that are not under stress or load don’t necessarily need to be made out of full Prepreg Carbon Fibre, and for this reason we also offer a lamination/skinning service to turn original parts into Carbon Fibre as well as composite parts.

Types of Carbon Fibre


This is without a doubt, the strongest, lightest and most durable Carbon Fibre available. Prepreg Carbon Fibre means, Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fibre Cloth with resin to the perfect ratio giving the highest strength and the lightest part possible.

The process which Prepreg carbon goes through is, initial dry lay-up followed by the part being vacuum bagged and cooked under pressure in an Autoclave for many hours. What comes out is a near enough pinhole free finish with un-compromised strength. Once the part has been trimmed and quality control checks passed, it is then lacquered to withstand even the harshest environments.


CFRP or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer is a hybrid/half carbon part. This method takes two different materials to combine a high strength, light and and cost effective carbon part. The benefits are that a CFRP part can still be very strong and is less expensive to produce than Prepreg. The method of production is similar to Prepreg but instead of laying just carbon into the mould, another material is added, generally a Glass-fibre weave cloth. After lay-up the part is then vacuum bagged for hours until set at room temperature or in some applications an autoclave is still used. Post inspection, trimming and rubbing down the part, it’s time for some lacquer.


As previously touched on, lamination offers a carbon looking part without the full expense of moulds and the full Prepreg process. An original part is laid with carbon cloth in much the same way a mould is laid with Prepreg carbon but with the original part being used as a backing for genuine carbon cloth and resin application. After either wet-lay up or vacuum infusing resin (depending on application), the part is rubbed down and lacquered. The part is naturally heavier than a full Prepreg part, however can be more cost effective in certain circumstances.

Quality and Safety

There are various other methods for making a Carbon Fibre part that suits various applications. A lot of cheap carbon fibre may look cosmetically acceptable but this does not mean it is fit for purpose. Too often fitment is heavily compromised by cheap materials and production methods, which also lead to a part that is not actually robust enough for the job.

Carbonwurks swear by quality and create parts to the highest of standards that wouldn’t be out of place on a racecar. When safety is concerned we are 100% confident our parts will stand the test of time, can the same be said for other inferior cheaper Carbon parts? Don’t find out the hard way…

Quality doesn’t have to mean manufacturer prices

Carbon Fibre is becoming ever more popular with manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley etc. This however comes at an extremely high price. We at Carbonwurks create OEM or better parts but at affordable and sensible pricing.

Get in touch!

Whether you just would like a couple questions answered, have a project you would like to discuss or have some awesome pictures of Carbon parts, we would be glad to hear from you.